IMPYE is a search engine for Financial Products, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Line of Credit,  Banks & NBFCs. We help customers to get filtered products or services based on their profile eligibility with end to end data encrypted digitalisation.

We are channel partnered with a number of lenders (Banks & NBFC’s)  to offer loans from 5000 to 50 Lakhs as unsecured loans,  if we talk about the secure loans we have lenders to offer secured loans up to 50 Crores, Credit Cards From Various Banks & NBFCs. Currently at IMPYE we have a team of 150+ who help customers to coordinate and provide the best end-to-end lending experience. 

Finally the lockdown ended and all my team was worried about career growth, So we decided to launch an offer to get a salary hike every 3rd month as per the performances, the result is pretty good, the team is motivated, self-confident & the performance has exponentially grown up.

CO-Founder & Director
Co-founder ,Director

The benefit of giving a quarterly increment

The team can get hike up to 60% within the organization: It helps to stabilize the Job without any job change hassle.

Help to recover the pandemic debt Burden: As we know many of us were in trouble with the financial crisis during the lockdown, so it is obvious that borrowing the fund is the solution, with providing them an increment it is easy for them to repay it. 

Self-motivation: We at IMPYE automated this process so that as per your performance your salary will increase automatically without waiting for the confirmation or announcement or any increment letter.

We Are Hiring For – We love to have an individual personality that has the potential to create its own space in this competitive market.

  • Team Manager – We are hiring for team manager with the potential to lead a team of  6- 8 Team Leaders. Each team leader will have a team of 5 telesales executive
  • Team Leader – A team leader has the knowledge and potential to operate the telesales executive. Good Knowledge of banking, NBFC’s & the finance sector.
  • Backend Developer – Actively looking for the backend developer having experience of API bases communications with banks and NBFC backend.

We love to onboard your individual personality.  Let’s work together & join  #teamIMPYE.

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